Building industrialiZation

Protev Group has helped numerous clients to transfer, plan, develop and implement industrialization projects across different building, locations and industrial ships.

In Your installation we can offer:

  1. Take the project from its planning to the verification of permits and review the standard for its correct execution
  2. Project management ensuring that resources and budget are met (timing)
  3. Review and carry out risk analysis to determine project feasibility (timing)
  4. Coordinate civil works under Program management scheme
  5. Rigging and installation of the machines into the building and put it in position
  6. Carry out Installation of electrical substations, modifications and increase of loads.

1. Planning and verifications

Review and develop Planning of Complete Project new Building or Plant Extension

Analyzing Governmental requirements and Permits to Process with the Execution of the Building.

Developing Master Timing and Actions to follow, Lay Out and Design of the Facility to Match with Planning.

2. Project management

Project manager services include

Engineering phase:

  • Scheduling of activities
  • Weekly Report to the customer
  • Monitoring estimation and cost
  • Link between customer and construction company
  • Specialties supervision 

3. Project Feasibility

Develop analyze and Study for Project Feasibility and Performing risk analysis to advice Customer in order to avoid  Any Problem before project released… Working an all Phases

4. Coordinate civil works

Close Supervision of Civil Works to assure Materials and Hand Work is according Safety and Quality Specification review Calculation in order to detect risk of loads or weak points on Construction.

5. Installation of electrical substations

  • Planning and Calculation of Utilities required to Install and Run Equipment.
  • Chiller, Cooling tower capacity,
  • Air Compressor Cap.
  • Electricity KVA required. Time and Permits.
  • ECT