Juarez Tool Shop

Our Tool shop and offices located in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico; provide a strategic position for operations being right next to our offices in El paso, Texas; US. allowing for flexibility in all of your project phases, including:

  • CNC spare part production
  • Preventive Maintenance on Molds
  • 3D design and Engineering Change requests
  • Electrical Discharge Machining
  • Conventional Machining
  • Tig welding
  • Mold Adjustment
  • Assembly line
    • Part fabrication
      • CNC
      • Spares fabrication
    • Electrical installation
      • Voltage review
      • Electrical adaptations to client’s specifications
    • Fiscal Installation
      • Upon client specification
      • Logistics and transportations experts
    • Manufacture
      • Assembly
      • Repair
      • Rework
      • Optimization


  • 20+10 Ton crane

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