Business Units


New Toolbuilding, injection & stamping

Protev Group specializes in Automotive, Home appliance, and other plastic industries. Bringing expertise and innovation to every project. Creating the tools and molds for stamping, and injection is a key part of the plastic business and Protev group can advise and collaborate in every step…

New Assembly & Automation

For all your needs regarding New assembly line, workstation and automation Protev Group offers the following services: Automation, Mechatronic systems design & Integration. Workstation design and creation Flow rack systems. (Tubular and Aluminum extrusion). Material handling. Collaborative robots. Traning, support and…

Building Industrialization

Protev Group has helped numerous clients to transfer, plan, develop and implement industrialization projects across different building, locations and industrial ships. In Your installation we can offer: Take the project from its planning to the verification of permits and review the standard for…

Machine Maintenance

Is a key step to keep your business running in shape. Protev Group provides expertise in Preventive maintenance, reparative maintenance, as well as strategies to improve or replace current machinery. With our worldwide locations we’re able to work on almost any kind of automotive, electrodomestic…

Injection production

With ample experience in the plastic industry, serving trusted brands in the automotive and home appliance industries; Protev Group is truly your one stop solution when it comes to Injection production.

Spare parts

Protev group Understands the importance of machinery run-time and how crucial downtimes are. For that reason we offer consulting and services regarding spare parts for most machines in the automotive and plastic industries.


Visualization, physically checking fit, function and finish are important for better products. Protev Group provides consulting and services on prototype creation on an array of processes and materials.

Special support

Design Development

Design Development From an idea, a drawing or simply a sketch on a piece of paper, we can develop your design from cradle to production with the latest tools available in a modular approach. We can assist you with the full design, or we can…