Design Development

From an idea, a drawing or simply a sketch on a piece of paper, we can develop your design from cradle to production with the latest tools available in a modular approach.

We can assist you with the full design, or we can help you analyse your design and recommend improvements to make it better to assemble, fill and manufacture.

Paul Liston

Design Development BU Leader


  • Design of component from an idea, sketch or requirement
  • Technical requirement analysis
  • Material selection



  • Part analysis to verify manufacturability
  • Overall concept analysis
  • Draft analysis
  • Wall thickness analysis
  • Moldflow analysis
  • Steel condition analysis



  • Complete mold design
  • Complete mold design review to verify
  • Tooling standards
  • Robustness of design
  • Design vs anticipated press utilization
  • Steel conditions
  • Steel selection
  • Mould design sign off
  • Tool building follow up
  • Initial trial run
  • Engineering change development and implementation
  • Subsequent trial runs
  • Tool sign off & shipment

With your design we're able to:

  • DFA
    – Design for Assembly analysis to improve production cycle times


  • DFM
    – Design for Manufacturing to make the part feasible for production


  • FEA
    – Structural Finite Element Analysis to verify that the part will not fail in use


  • Moldflow
    – Finite element flow analysis to verify the part can fill successfully, with part warp studies and thermal mold and part analysis


  • Mold Warp


  • Mold Cool


  • Prototyping
    – produce parts via FDM or SLA so that you can see what the parts will look like and assemble


  • Mold Design
    – We can design the mold to produce your parts


  • Mold Design Review
    – If you have your own toolmaker, we can review the design for robustness, steel selections, etc.


  • Reverse Engineering
    – Do you have an old part but do not have the 3D design of it? We can scan the part and rebuild the file for you

Protev group provides consulting, services and work in all phases of your project, including planning and development.  

  1. Pre-design & RFQ Data status
  2. 3D Customer release, Feasibility & data status + 2D application.
  3. Release Note 1 – Supplier

work on all phases: From quote to release

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