Injection Production

With ample experience in the plastic industry, serving trusted brands in the automotive and home appliance industries; Protev Group is truly your one stop solution when it comes to Injection production.

With an array of different locations, we provide the following injection services and consultation on: 

  • Connectors
  • Multiconnectors
  • Inlay Components 
  • 2k componens
  • Safety
  • 2D printed Dials, Appliqués & Overlays
  • Paint & Laser etch
  • 3D Printed Dials, Appliqués
  • FIM inMold Decorated components
  • TAMPO printing
  • Overmolding Plastic carrier
  • Seats
  • Luminaires
  • Hydraulic tanks
  • and more! 



Maurizio Geli

Molding Worldwide BU Leader