New Tool building stapming and injection

Protev Group specializes in Automotive, Home appliance, and other plastic industries. Bringing expertise and innovation to every project. Creating the tools and molds for stamping, and injection is a key part of the plastic business and Protev group can advise and collaborate in every step of the way. 

Jose Caballero

GM America North

Eugenio Semprini

GM America South

Alexander Herrmann

GM Europe

kuan WF

GM Asia

Design Development

Protev group provides consulting, services and work in all phases of your project, including planning and development.  

  1. Pre-design & RFQ Data status
  2. 3D Customer release, Feasibility & data status + 2D application.
  3. Release Note 1 – Supplier

Paul Liston

Design Development BU leader

work on all phases: From quote to release

Software solutions

Implementation / Maintenance / Repairing / Modification

Maintenance / Repair

Repair of injection hot-runners caused by leakage. Complete injection molding tool maintenance with corresponding documentation. Maintenance and restoration of electrical, hydraulic, and pneumatic systems.


Polishing of surfaces in new mold, recovery of damaged surfaces (high gloss areas). Contaminated surfaces repair (corrosion,  scratches, gas-fog etc.). Fix de-molding problems caused by material stuck  or over-packed.

Laser Welding 

Laser welding (on request) for a faster and more precise repair.


VDI surfaces repair by radiation (granules, beads, etc.). VDI texturizing and graining are carried out by our partners.

Injection Molding Expertise

Years of experience in Injection molding for automotive components, home appliance, precision parts and more.