Location Worldwide Job type Engineering

The objective of the position is to deliver support in molds for revision, maintenance and repairs, to maintain the high standards of quality of our service to our clients, considering too the minor change of spares and parts using tools and special machinery.

Activities and key role:

  • Manufactures spare parts for molds.
  • Execute preventive maintenance in injection molds.
  • Execute minor corrective maintenance on the molds.
  • Dimension the components of the mold
  • Reports and corrects any anomaly found in the molds.
  • Actively contribute to the fulfillment of workshop goals.
  • Handles different types of machinery, in addition to being willing to operate machinery safely, delivering the requested part on time and within specification.
  • Follow in a timely manner all the procedures applicable to your position.
  • Reports any anomaly in machines, tools and molds found during the execution of its activities.
  • Follow the safety guidelines and use of personal protective equipment necessary for the performance of their activities.
  • Responsible for the care of the measuring equipment and keeping it calibrated according to our procedures, as well as the care of machinery and tools in the workshop.
  • Responsible for handling materials and control of spare parts (registrations / cancellations).
  • Ensure the functionality of the manufactured spare part.
  • Carry out minor repairs and adjustments to molds that require their reactivation due to any damage that has occurred, polishing the surface while maintaining the quality of each of the parts produced.

Education: Technician as minimum

Inglés: Basic – Middle

Experiencia: Superior a los 3 años

Passport and Visa updated

Travel required

Applicants interested in applying for this position, please submit your CV or Resume to careers@protev.de. This position will be open for a short period of time, please apply soon. Thanks you again for your interest.